October 29th

The orchestra arrives at Reagan National airport for a 12 noon flight (Delta Shuttle).

A nice view of NYC from the plane. Cold weather though!! Highs in the mid-40s.

NSO musicians attempt to help out with Joe's hair. We think that maybe airport security roughed him up a bit(?).

Off the plane at LaGuardia. A short ride to our hotel near Carnegie Hall.

Can you tell that Paul needs some sleep? He's a new daddy . . .

John and Tony . . . the look says it all.

October 30th

A nice surprise - - Matthew McInturf (we both used to work at Florida International University together - Matt was my boss) attended the dress rehearsal and performance at Carnegie Hall today.

Ken Harbison, NSO percussionist, shares his secret of a guaranteed pressed white shirt while on tour. The "Harbisonic" hanger system: 6 shirts hanging from one hanger. Don't be fooled by imitations. The Harbisonic hanger system is a MUST for any touring orchestral musician!

October 31st

An IU Reunion!!

My good friend (and college house-mate) Anton and I get together after the last NSO concert at Carnegie Hall. We ALWAYS have a great time! See you at Thanksgiving Anton!!

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