July 2002

Repertoire List for Principal Timpani

Mozart: Symphony. #39 First Six Meas.

Beethoven: Symphony. #1 3rd Mvt., One Meas. Before Letter A To Repeat (Abbreviate Long Rest)

Symphony #5 3rd Mvt., Letter C To Four Meas. Before A In 4th Mvt.

Symphony #7 1st Mvt., 27th Meas. Of Vivace To Two Meas. After C Letter H For Eleven Meas.

4th Mvt,. Three Before Letter K To End

Symphony #9 1st Mvt., Beginning To Five After A

One Meas. Before K To L

The Last a tempo To End

2nd Mvt., Letter F To H (Count All Rests.)

4th Mvt., Two Before (1st) Prestissimo To End (Count All Rests)

Brahms: Symphony #1 1st Mvt., Opening Nine Meas.

4th Mvt., Eight Before Piu Allegro To End (Count All Rests)

Symphony #4 3rd Mvt., Opening To Letter A

Tschaikowsky: Symphony. #4 1st Mvt., Letter T To U

Romeo & Juliette Ouverture, One before E To Four After F

Last F# Roll to End

Mahler: Symphony. #5 1st Mvt., Solo Beginning Seven Meas. Before 15

5th Mvt., Meas. 760 To 779

Strauss: Burleske Opening To A (Count All Rests)

Don Juan Beginning To 5th Meas. After A

Elgar: Enigma Variations Mvt. VII, Troyte (Entire Mvt.) (Count All Rests)

Bartok: Concert For Orch Mvt. IV, One before 43 To 51

Shostakovich: Symphony. #1 4th Mvt., Three Solos Beginning At Meas. 35

Hindemith: Sym. Metamorphois Turandot, 5th Meas. Of S To T

5th Meas. Of V To Eight After W

W. Schuman: New England Triptych, 1st Mvt., Opening To Meas. 14

Three After 120 To Two Before 155

Stravinsky: The Rite Of Spring Rehearsal 189 To End

One meas.before 104 to 121

Barber: Medea's Meditation And Dance Of Vengenace, Meas. 28 To Eight After 31

Sibelius: Finlandia Overture

Bernstein: Candide Overture

On the Waterfront, Timpani solo near beginning of piece

Orff: Carmina Burana, Mvt. 6 (Tanz)