Hinger - Light Retrofit

The unique design of the Hinger timpani frame allows the top part of the drum to spin; eliminating the need to reposition the head when putting on a new head and determining the desired beating spot.

The retrofit essentially increases the size and range of each drum. The bowl change (original Hinger bowls replaced by Light semi-flat bottom bowls) creates an exceptional, dark and focused sound.

After consulting with Marshall E. Light, owner of American Drum Manufacturing Company, we did the following:

  • Examined and determined allowable "play" in the frame - movement between the circular plate and the bottom frame. The plates were machined to guarantee flatness. The "play" was also corrected - the instruments are now perfectly centered (but still rotate).

  • All lugs/spiders and tension rods were adjusted and straightened.

  • New (Light) pedals were fabricated. Pedal bars and appropriate hole patterns in pedals etc. and new (Light) ratchet bars were installed. Marshall also designed a pedal locking system similar to the Light timpani - you are able to lock down the pedals to prevent them from slipping while in transit.

  • Light double-transfer bars (2 on each drum vs. the original 1 on Hinger set), cranks, etc. were installed. This retrofit produced a FREE and easy flowing pedal. Unlike the original Hinger pedals, there is NO stiffness in the high range.

  • Tuning gauges and fine tuner guides were adjusted (and re-chromed) to make sure the timpani bowl (new - bigger bowls) were still able to spin. The 32" drum was a bit tricky here - to spin this drum, I have to disengage the tuning indicator rod (not too big of a deal).

  • New sizes: replaced old bowls with NEW Light - semi-flat bottom 32 oz. bowls. New sizes are: 32", 29", 26" and 23" [new head sizes: #3500, #3108, #2808 and #2600].

  • New L-shaped Counterhoops - black finish. Ears cleaned up (and re-chromed).

  • New casters w/tilting mechanism (brass finish) on all drums.

  • Frames repainted with quasi-original Hinger BLACK and GOLD trim paint color. This looks nice!

  • All plastic sleeves in fine tuner guide and ears/tension rods (gaskets) replaced.


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