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Walton: Partita for

Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Leonard Slatkin, Conductor

Bartok: Sonata for
Two Pianos and Percussion

Timpani Concerto No. 1


The Planets

Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Peter Oundjian, Conductor

Appalachian Spring

Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Leonard Slatkin, Conductor

Piano Concerto No. 1
Conrad Tao
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Leonard Slatkin, Conductor
October 11, 2013

Ferran Cruixent: Cyborg
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Leonard Slatkin, Conductor
November 7, 2013

Indiana University
Percussion Ensemble
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Zildjian Score Magazine
John Tafoya

Arizona Musicfest

Archival recordings:
Robert Moody, Conductor

Timpani Repertoire Books

The Working Timpanist's Survival Guide

US Orders: $26.95 + shipping

Available through Steve Weiss Music:

"This 112-page timpani repertoire guide is subtitled "A Practical Approach to Audition Excerpts for
the Orchestral Timpanist." It is that and more. Since it focuses on the 22 orchestra works that appear
most frequently in timpani auditions, this book provides not only a basic checklist for timpanists
mounting the audition circuit but also gives detailed instruction on those primary timpani passages.
The complete timpani parts are included on an accompanying CD-ROM, and the instructions for each
significant passage include selected musical passages, recommendation of mallet selection, and a
significant amount of well-organized text focusing on important performance considerations.

The book includes a listing of 92 orchestra works requested at auditions in order of frequency, plus a
list of recommended recordings. Of special value are the two sections: "preparing for an audition" and
"preparing for the first rehearsal." These discussions provide real-life advice for real-life situations.
The timpani mallet chart (including 20 manufacturers) and the clarification of mallet descriptions will
be especially helpful to all timpanists dealing with issues of mallet selection.

"John Tafoya, Principal Timpanist in the National Symphony Orchestra, has the expertise to give this
publication highest credibility. This one publication more than fills the needs of students and
professionals who have been trying to pull together an organized study of timpani repertoire from a
variety of different sources."

- F. Michael Combs
Percussive Notes Magazine, October 2004

"Subtitled "Advanced Repertoire for the Orchestral Timpanist," this sequel to The Working Timpanist's
Survival Guide provides an in-depth look at 27 of the most frequently required orchestral timpani
excerpts, giving detailed musical descriptions and technical options for each. Tafoya's experience and
knowledge make this a great tool for anyone studying orchestral timpani repertoire.

Each excerpt is accompanied by the following information: where it is found within the music,
recommended tempo, general style, recommended mallets, important considerations, and
recommendations relating to articulation, sticking, phrasing, dynamics, and errata. In some cases,
photos are included to provide the reader with the recommended playing position, or mute position.
Three appendices include recommended recordings for each excerpt, an up-to-date list of orchestral
timpani audition repertoire, and timpani maintenance tips. The book also includes a CD containing
complete timpani parts (in pdf format) and forScore files.

"Thanks so much to John Tafoya for providing the percussion world with another vital source for
orchestral timpani excerpts."

- T. Adam Blackstock
Percussive Notes Magazine, July 2012

Beyond The Audition Screen - click HERE for more information

This book is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase
at Percussion Source and Steve Weiss Music.

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