NEW Hinger/Light Timpani arrive at the Kennedy Center!

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December, 2000

My newly acquired Hinger timpani are taken apart, cleaned, lubricated and repainted. A couple of the delicate fine-tuning guides and tuning gauges are cut and re-welded. New casters are also ordered and installed.


The 25" drum is the first to be completed. I put on a calf head for fun. It sounds great!

In fact, I get slightly carried away and mount calf heads on all of the Hinger drums.

Summer/Fall 2003-04

These instruments are currently being restored by Marshall Light (American Drum Manufacturing Company). They will be retrofitted (see photos below) with larger, semi-flat bottom Light bowls and numerous hardware changes/adjustments will be made. The new sizes will measure 32", 29", 26" and 23".

For a look at what specifically is involved in this retrofit process click HERE.


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